Bennet Early Childhood School

Dear Friends

We are seeking your support in upgrading the Bennett Basic School, in Goshen, St Elizabeth. Started on the front veranda of the mother of the current Principal Mr. Leroy Bennett, the school’s location has only been moved once — some 50 meters from the original site, since inception in the 1970’s.

Although the school is now larger than Mrs. Bennett’s veranda, it’s occupancy of 103 students plus 4 teaching staff overwhelms the tiny space. In short, the current facility can no longer serve its growing student population of over 100 children — Help us.

Buy a Brick for $300 and we will display your name or your business name on the entrance of the new school.

With your help, we will be able to improve the premises to offer expanded accommodations, including:

Addition of 4-classrooms (K1,K2,K3 & K4), auditorium, kitchen, sick bay, girl’s and boy’s bathroom, computer room with library, Administrative, school bus, handicap & regular parking spaces & playground, school supplies & furniture.

We will also incorporate evidence based interventions and a mentor program to work with the students to help develop long-range goals for the student’s academic and social development. We know that children strive when they are provided with a secure base which we support by encouraging family and community involvement.

An ongoing initiative since February, 2013 — please note the project “Plan” was designed and completed by Watt’s Innovative Design & Construction September 2013, Manchester, Jamaica & Approved by St. Elizabeth Parish Council on January 22, 2014.
Every contribution is significant and your generosity is greatly appreciated whether you contribute $1 or $1,000. We are also open to in kind contributions by way of supply donations as well as volunteers as the project progresses.

For questions about sponsorship, please contact Ms. Marcia “Faye” Bent – email: Tel: (954) 588-8772.

With my sincere thanks,

Marcia “Faye” Bent